Repairs, Relines & Additions


Overtime is is likely that your dentures may have mishaps, breaks or changes. Repairs are generally easily and fast with breakages being easily aided to. Cleaning and maintenance of your dentures is recommended to avoid the need for regular repairs. If you are having any troubles with your dentures please do not be afraid to contact us, we will try fix them as soon as possible. 


Relines occur when the shape of your gums, or your mouth has changed and your denture is no longer comfortable or sitting correctly. Often an impression is used to show us the changes in your mouth as things begin to heal. Relines are typically a no-drama situation and are usually completed quickly.


As your natural teeth decay or accidents happen, additional teeth may need to be added to your denture. Dont stress, we can help you out! This is a fairly standard procedure and can be achieved within just a couple of days.

Repairs, Relines & Additions |
Repairs, Relines & Additions |