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What is a dental prosthetist?

A dental prosthetists is an oral care professional who has completed a course in Dental Prosthetics allowing them to deal directly to the public with the construction and fitting of complete and partial dentures and mouthguards and varied removable appliances.

It usually takes around four visits for your Winning Smiles dentures. We will take impressions that produce for the prosthetist a mould of the mouth. There will be a bite appointment where specific measurements are taken involving such things as lip support, size and colour of teeth. Then there will be try in appointment where dentures are tried in with a wax base so any alterations can be made if needed for the final issue appointment.

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What do we do?

Winning Smiles Denture Clinic specialises in oral care, customer service and dental knowledge. Our friendly clinic is tailored to year every need with leading edge equipment, an in-house laboratory and a fully qualified staff team. Our years of experience within the industry has places as as one of the best dental clinics in Newcastle.

Aesthetic Prosthetics is the biggest prosthetic laboratory in Newcastle and services customers throughout The Hunter and Australia. Our goal is to assist and restore the missing teeth of the general public to help with eating, speech, appearance and confidence. Our procedures are risk free, clean and constructed and fitted to suit the individual.

We pride ourselves on our positive reputation within the community and strive towards generating a strong connection with our patients.

Why Choose Us?

Winning Smiles Denture Clinic is one of the leading denture & prosthetics clinics in Newcastle. Located in the sububr of Wallsend, our facilities are modern and advanced to suit every need of our patients. Our friendly staff are carefully picked on their amazing approaches to customer service as well as their advance experience and knowledge of the industry through years of practice.

Here at Winning Smiles, we specialise in all types of denture works from new dentures to same day relines. With our years of industry expereince we guarantee a full service with 12 monthly check up and clean. We offer free denture health checkups and consultations for all major health funds. All our prosthetics are Australian-Made.